This week the new ASICS Skateboarding program has released its second worldwide collection of shoes.  This time with a new model called the Tempo! as well as crowd favorites.. The Japan Pro, Gel Vickka, and Aaron Pro. 

TEMPO PRO (Black/Brown)

The Asics skateboarding Tempo

The Asics Skateboarding Tempo Pro is inspired by classic basketball shoes that has been updated to skateboardings specific needs.  The eyelets that come into contact with the board and the structure that hides the stitches are used to suppress stitch breakage.  In addition, the strength is increased by using three stitches.  

The Shoe is also equipped with an elastic band that helps reduce slippage during play. The insole is designed to have a different hardness on the inside and outside from the motion analysis of skateboarding.  It is also designed to promote the center of gravity by providing punching holes. This enhances stability on the board! This classic design fits well into the skateboarding shoe category but also fits a variety of everyday styles!

GEL-VICKKA PRO (Iron Clad/White)

asics skateboarding gel vickka pro

The Asics Gel-Vickka Pro is inspired by the VICKKA training type shoe released in the 1980s, the original sole was designed to increase stability against complex movements during training and updated to skateboard specifications. Featuring Gel Technology Cushioning with a suede upper and rubber outsole!

The toe box of the shoe is a one-piece structure which reduces the risks of ripping. The less panels and stitching there is the less you have to worry! This insole is also designed with different hardnesses on the inside and outside based on motion analysis of skateboarding.  This model includes GEL technology which is built into the heel to provide excellent cushioning and comfort!

JAPAN PRO (Black/White)

asics japan pro black white

The Asics Japan Pro is based on the long-selling model "FABRE JAPAN S" that appeared in 1981 and was loved by many basketball players, has been updated to skateboardings specific needs. 

This model's upper is made of suede material, and the toe and heel parts are made with 3 stitches to increase durability. The placement of the rubber band that connects the tongue and the insole reduces the slippage of the tongue, and the thickness of the tongue makes it comfortable to wear! 

Inheriting the authentic design with reference to past archives, the suede material enhances the classic silhouette. The reflective material on the heel is also a point that you should pay attention to!

AARON PRO (Cream/Shamrock Green)

asics skateboarding aaron pro cream shamrock green

With another sole inspired by basketball shoes, The Asics AARON Pro has been updated by its original lifestyle version to endure skateboarding while staying true to its classic design!

This Model includes the same GEL Technology in the insole as the rest of the models. In addition, the strength is increased by using three stitches on the toe and heel parts of the upper. With a lightweight and simple design, this pair goes well with a variety of styles, not only for skateboarding.


All of these new models are currently available in store now! Asics Skateboarding Drop 2 is set to release on our online shop on Friday 8/18..


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