Santa Cruz and Creature Skateboards Restock

Santa Cruz and Creature Skateboards Restock

We now have a variety of new skateboard decks from Santa Cruz Skateboards and Creature Skateboards!

Santa Cruz Skate Decks

santa cruz skateboards

Our restock on Santa Cruz skate decks consists of pro model skateboards from Fabiana Delfino, Jake Wooten, Kevin Braun, and Erik Winkowski!  With NHS's Innovative technology, these decks are either enhanced with their "Everslick" or "VX" constructions.

VX Technology

santa cruz VX Decks

VX decks are thinner, stronger, and have more pop than standard 7 ply decks.  Featuring 5 plies of North American Maple and 2 layers of Quad X technology!


Everslick Technology

santa cruz everslick decks

Everslicks are the fastest sliding slick boards out and 5 times stronger than a standard 7 ply deck.  The unique graphic application process yields bright colors and high contrast graphics that look great longer!

Erik Winkowski and Corey O'Brien Shaped Santa Cruz Decks

erik winkowski santa cruz shaped deck

- Erik Winkowski's original signature shaped deck is one of the current staple Santa Cruz shaped decks.  The boards are pressed individually using epoxy making a strong, responsive deck with long lasting pop and consistent concave and kick.  

The board includes the Cruz Missile II concave.  Which is Santa Cruz's infamous tech concave from the 1980s with aggressive, multi-dimensional side to side concave and tail kick along with forward set rocker that comfortably lock in your feet in key areas for a completely unique riding experience 

- The Santa Cruz skateboards Corey O'Brien Reaper Reissue deck with re-envisioned graphics by Shepard Fairey.  Is based on the original artwork by Jim Phillips with spot matte graphic and 50th Anniversary decktop laser etched logo.

Creature Skate Decks

creature skateboard decks

With this shipment we recieved a variety of Creature Skate Decks as well! Featuring a John Gardner Shaped pro model, a Collin Provost x Milton Martinez Joint shaped pro model, and a VX Everslick combo skate deck. 

VX Everslick Technology

cody lockwood creature vx everslick skateboard deck

This Creature Cody Lockwood VX Everslick combines 2 proven technology constructions into one with the strength and pop of VX and the fastest sliding slick material on the market - Everslick. VX Everslick features 5 plies of North American Maple and 2 layers of Quad X technology with a layer of Everslick material on the bottom. Thinner, stronger, and more pop than standard 7 ply decks with proprietary slick material that slides on almost any surface!



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