Labor Skateshop - All City Showdown NYC 2013

All City Showdown NYC 2013

All City Showdown was started in Seattle at 35th North Skateshop. The concept is simple: 3 skaters, 1 person to film, 8 hours in the city. The footage is then edited down, judged, and a final video is made. This is the result from our first All City Showdown in NYC. All the footage was filmed on September 28th, 2013. Thanks to Converse Cons, Tony and everyone at 35th North, Ken and everyone at Uprise, Spitfire and Deluxe, Kayo and Expedition, 5boro, AWH Distribution, Evan, Cooper, Alex, all the skaters and filmers, and everyone who helped make this contest a success in NYC. This year's contest is coming soon, so stay tuned for details!!!



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