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Ben McQueen

Let It Kill You Book - Ben McQueen

Let It Kill You Book - Ben McQueen

We found a box of these books that we thought were lost!

Long since sold out in most places, here are some copies of Ben McQueen's 'Let it Kill You'

From the Publisher:

"LET IT KILL YOU is an extensive book exploring the intersection of tattooing and skateboarding. The story is told through interviews, photos, and artwork from prolific, professional skateboarders that have found tattooing through their careers in skating, as well as veteran tattooers who have come to find tattooing through being a skateboarder.

Let It Kill You is a unique book that lands somewhere between a photography book and your favorite issue of Thrasher. Interviews were conducted with each subject in person at their residence or workplace over the course of 2021 and 2022. Interviews were recorded and transcribed for print. The result is an intimate and thorough conversation on skateboarding, tattooing, and a lifetime of working between the two.

9 x 11.5”

216 pages.

Designed, printed, and bound in Indianapolis.


  • Eric Dressen

  • Cheyenne Sawyer & Tyler Bledsoe

  • Jano Navarrete

  • Andrew Allen & Nathan Kostechko

  • Jamie Thomas

  • Chad Koeplinger

Foreword by Michael Sieben (Thrasher Magazine)

Written and edited by Ben McQueen

Photographed by Brandon Burdine, Andy Eclov, and Errick Easterday with additional photographs from Anthony Acosta, Oliver Barton, and more."

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